[Big A Journal] Tasmania - Day 1

On Monday 28th of November, 2011, my family and I start our two weeks holiday to Tasmania and New Zealand. My Mum bought four tickets to a Jetstar plane that goes to Hobart. On the day we set of, I had to wake extra early, at 4:30 because the plane was departing at 7:00. Once we got ready we got into a taxi and drove into the domestic airport. 

The domestic airport was crowded this morning. I was wondering why everyone was going out of Sydney, it wasn't the holiday's yet. Then My Dad asked the staff which line to stand in to drop our bags off. The line we went to was so long I thought it was going to take forever. When we dropped our bags in the cabin and got our boarding pass, we went into another line were they X-ray our bags. That line was not very long, we were through in one minute. Once we were through we went to our gate, which was number 57. We were just in time because people were already going on the plane.

I was so excited when I stepped into the plane. I haven't been on a plane since I went to Melbourne. It was fifteen minutes later when we took off, that I never wanted to go on a plane again. But there is still two more plane flights in this holiday. 

Two hours later we arrived at Hobart Domestic Airport. The landing was smooth but it made my ears hurt. We waited in the airport for our suitcases, they were on the conveyor belt and coming near us. When we got all our luggage, we went into a small shuttle bus which took us to our hotel. Our hotel, according to my Mum is the biggest hotel in Hobart. The hotel's name which I always forget is Hotel Grand Chancellor. My Mum said we're lucky, she said we're only here because of Dad's conference and that Dad's University (Sydney Uni) is paying for our room, so we're here for free :)

I think the hotel is a very nice hotel, it has a good TV, a mirror, neat beds (but when my little sister started jumping on them it became messy), the bathroom and the city view. My Mum said there was a swimming pool, but I haven't been there yet. When we unpacked My Mum, Sister and I went to buy lunch while My Dad goes to his conference. It was a sunny day today and we bought lunch at Flippers. Flippers is a seafood shop that is on the water. We bought a Fisherman's Basket Deluxe. In the basket there are different fish and chips. 

After that we went to the visitor center. My sister bought some postcards and my Mum asked where the supermarket was. We did a little shopping and then back to our hotel. After a few minutes of watching television my Dad came in, he looked very tired. Just before we went to bed Dad told me I was going to a chocolate factory!

~ Big A


  1. Very very impressive writing for a 9 year old! Keep up the good work! She writes just like her mum, detailed and vivid!

  2. Thanks Farikica :)


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